Differences between urban planning and urban geography

Regional Planning
Publisher: Xiang LIRelease time: 2019.04.22 12:57
I am a urban planner. I am from China, I am a researcher in planning education.I find that urban planning and urban geography have many similarities. I am particularly interested in geography, especially urban geography. I am very curious about the biggest difference between urban planning and urban geography. What type of work will students in urban geography majors engage in in the future? What is the work experience? Many thanks.
I trying to tell the relationship between urban geography and urban planning. Urban geography and urban planning are totally independent disciplines. There are fundamental differences between the two disciplines in terms of research approach, techniques and practices,etc. Urban geography is a geography discipline that studies the nature and distribution of urban geography. Promote the comprehensive coordinated and sustainable development of urban and rural economy and society as the fundamental task, promote the use of land science as the basis, and promote the fundamental improvement of human settlements, covering the spatial layout planning of urban and rural residential areas. Both of them take the city as the research object, however, the research direction is fundamentally different, the urban geography studies the development of the urban and rural structure, studies the formation and development of each city from the perspective of geography, and studies the structural relationship and urban system of the urban system within a certain region. The law of development and evolution is theoretically strong. The main purpose of the urban system planning in urban planning is to take the coordinated development of urban and rural areas from the overall perspective of the region as a whole, and to guide the rational layout and coordinated development of various towns. The overall urban planning is the urban development goal and development scale in a certain period of time, layout and comprehensive deployment and implementation measures of various constructions, guiding and regulating urban construction, and important basis and means for protecting and managing urban space resources. The relationship between urban geography and urban planning. Urban geography provides theoretical guidance for urban planning and is applied to the practice of urban planning. Urban planning provides research topics for urban geography, research materials and practical argumentation, and promotes the continuous enrichment and perfection of urban geography theory.