Seeking method for design student to learn Planning

Planning Education
Publisher: YingRelease time: 2019.04.24 14:43
Hi, I am a graduate student of Tongji University. My major is design, but I am very interested in Urban planning, and I think there is a lot opportunities to engage design student for developing the planning education. So as a novice, would it possible to learn related knowledge by myself and which method is more suitable for design student? Your valuable advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks
Hi there, I am actually a designer before and now I'm a urban planner. For me, I found there are many common points between Urban Planning and Design, for example, they share the same basic design curriculum in early learning, have a good understanding of design is good for both. As a design major student, I recommend you to learn Planning related knowledge by yourself, thanks to technologies, we have more and more learning approaches from internet, you could find more on internet. For more details, you could leave a comment below. Good luck.